Design Process
Before redesigning the Manufacturers page, I worked with the analytics team to pull user engagement data from the last 12 months to see how users interacted with the page. Data and heat maps showed severe drop-off on the page due to too much content. As a result, I redesigned the page with a clean structure. A few new additions to the page were the ability to search for a manufacturer, expose Anixter's products and services offerings, and open up co-op slots to feature manufacturers.

Old Page Design

New page Design

Search UI
A new enhancement to the page is the ability to search for manufacturers. If you search for a specific vendor who is a part of the co-op a unique card will display for them in the search results.
Axure Interactive search prototype. 
Type "
B" to envoke the search UI. Type "Belden" to land on a specific vendor card.


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